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Filter Flosser

Filter Flosser


Dread cleaning your pool and spa filters? With Filter Flosser it's no longer a chore! Filter Flosser® is the best pool and spa cartridge filter cleaning tool in the industry, backed by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty! It works on all major brands and sizes of performance filters and conveniently connects right onto your garden hose. The patented curved nozzle design creates a powerful water and air agitation action that gets deep down between the pleats powering out dirt & debris without appendages that can damage the media. The handy on/off valve and ergonomic handle makes regular filter maintenance a breeze, while cutting cleaning time and water usage in half! Filter Flosser® is the only quality constructed filter cleaning tool made of 100% durable aluminum - not leaky plastic! Plus, it's the only tool that's been tested and approved by major filter manufacturers and is used and recommended by industry professionals. Filter Flosser® is #1 in the industry for cleaning pool & spa cartridge filters - accept nothing less because "clean matters"!

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