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GRIZ High Pressure SUP Pump w/ hose

GRIZ High Pressure SUP Pump w/ hose

129,99C$ Prix original
64,99C$Prix promotionnel

The GRIZ High pressure SUP Pump w/ hose is included with all Backcountry Leisure Co. Boards, we do offer extras for purchase for people who need a replacement or want to get an extra for a gift.


  • Pump fits all Backcountry Leisure Co. SUPS & most boards that have bravo SUP valves.
  • Pump up your board 2 times as fast with the built in dual action capability because air comes out also when you pull up the handle of the pump along with pushing down. Less energy and more power.
  • When the board is nearly full you can change the pump to regular mode to get the pressure to the exact PSI/BAR required with ease. Now air will only come out when you push down like a normal pump.
  • Light weight design and in normal mode people with less stregth can use the pump with ease and bring the board to full pressure.


  • You will save you energy because of the dual-action-function
  • The pumps can also deflate your board for easy storage.
  • What´s included?: The Pump, inflation tube, mano-meter (integrated in pump)
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