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Humidew TALL

Humidew TALL


Humidity, meet aroma. The Humidew helps relieve stress, fatigue, depression and headaches by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain. The Humidew TALL is our floor model humidifier. With its sleek design, the Humidew TALL doesn't take up counter space like most traditional humidifiers. This model covers up to 1000 sqft and is best used in open concept space such as a living room or a large office. 

Colour: Dark Wood
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  • Limited Warranty

    AqauFire Lesiure branded diffusers come standard with a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturer defects. The limited warranty does not include the shipping charges to and from AquaFire Leisure. The customer will be responsible for all shipping charges that may be incurred. The customer may decide to replace the unit instead of paying for the cost to ship a new one. If the unit is in stock, a fee will be determined by management once it is confirmed that it is, in fact, a warranty issue. 

    The limited warranty does not cover: 

    1. Defects or damage resulting from misuse, accident or neglect. 

    2. Defects or damge resulting from the use of impure essential oils or blends that contain other constituents such as vegetable oils, massage oils or other syntheic carrier oils. 

    3.Defects or damage resulting from improper cleaning and maintenance.  

    4. Products that have been disassembled or repaired by someone other than AquaFire Leisure. 

    5. Defects or damage resulting from spillage or overflow into the electronics. 

    6. Damages such as scratches or scuffs on any exterior surface or externally exposed parts resulting from normal wear and tear. 

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