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Pipe Cleanse 500mL

Pipe Cleanse 500mL

SKU: 73032

Beachcomber Pipe Cleanse is an all-new effective pipe cleaning formula for Beachcomber Hot Tubs. It does not contain any copper and will not stain surfaces. Pipe Cleanse does not have the ability to kill bacteria; its job is to loosen biofilm, deep within the piping of a hot tub to allow it to be drained away. This product flushes out an amazing amount of biofilm and bather waste from pipes, leaving a cleaner hot tub for a better experience. 

  • Loosens biofilm to allow it to be drained away.
  • Loosens grime and scum to allow to drain away.
  • Comes in a single, one time use bottle.
  • Neutral pH to allow for safe handling.



  • Turn the hot tub heat down, remove the microfilter and use Neutralizer (sanitizer eliminator) as directed. It makes the hot tub water safe to drain.
  • Ensure that all jets, water features and air controls are in the open position.
  • Add Pipe Cleanse and allow to circulate for 24 hours with cover closed.
  • Drain the hot tub, washing and wiping down hot tub inside walls.
  • Open the gravity floor drain to allow as much water as possible to drain away.
  • Refill and restart. Ensure to rinse microfilter 2-3 times in the next 24 hours.
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