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Paradise Spa Vac

Paradise Spa Vac

SKU : 4901170

The Paradise Vacuum is an easy to use product that doesn’t require batteries, pumping, or connection to water to work. The Paradise Spa Vacuum works well with in-ground and above-ground hot tubs. It is even compatible with pools, ponds, and more. The uses are endless.

The Paradise Spa Vacuum works by placing your finger over the air hole at the top of the product when it is out of the water. Then, place the vacuum into the spa over the area that needs to be cleaned and release your finger. The vacuum fills with water and the flow sucks debris into the vacuum. Remove from the hot tub and repeat as often as needed.

Product features:

  • Easy-to-use vacuum
  • Works without batteries, pumping, or water connection
  • Durable design that is long lasting
  • Easily accesses hard to reach areas for cleaning with an aluminum telescopic pole that can extend over seven feet
  • Strong suction action picks up dirt, debris, pennies, sand, leaves, rocks, etc.
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