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Parallel Lines

Emergency Hot Tub Support

We understand sometimes you require some extra support in a last moment scenario. To help you while we are not available we have come up with some suggestions and solutions to help you out in a pinch.

Emergency Service Call Out

This is an emergency call out for clients who require last minute, non-business hour assistance. We will do our best to get to your hot tub ASAP to address your concerns.

$319.00+gst for up to 30 min of diagnostic, labour and/or repair.

Emergency Heater Service

Hot tub down, water temp dropping and the pumps are not working? We offer a emergency heater service to help protect your investment while you wait for service. DO NOT POWER DOWN YOUR HOT TUB and KEEP THE COVER ON.


Emergency Phone Support

Require over the phone troubleshooting? We offer to speak to our technician for assistance on basic functionality, water care problems and service advice.

$59.50 per 15 min with the tech.

Additional Emergency Labour

After the original emergency service call, if additional labour is required it will be charged out at our extended service rate per half hour. Most things can be addressed during the service call.

$119.50+gst per 30 min of labour

Emergency Drain & Refill Service

Ideally created for rental properties, clients who need a last minute drain and refill of their hot tub water with water balancing.


Online Support

We offer complementary online support for basic troubleshooting, functionality assistance and water care advice.  Please send us an online chat or email and we will try our best to get back to you in 24 hours from your inquiry.

Select all that apply:

Credit Card will be Request Prior to Any Service Performed.


Request Sent, Response Time Estimated: up to 24 Hours

Trips, Tricks & FAQ's


My hot tub is not running and it is cold outside! Help!

If your hot tub is not running and is still hot/warm in the water please KEEP your hot tub cover on the spa. Get a portable thermostatic space heater and put it under your step or in your equipment area not pointing directly against any of the plastic components of the hot tub and set to low settings to keep your spa warm while you request service. If the water is cold, we highly suggest to seek a professional and/or request an emergency service call. If you have no luck, drain your hot tub and place a second space heater inside the seating area on low settings and away from any water. Make sure to monitor your heaters on a regular basis to ensure they do not trip your breakers. 

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