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Beachcomber 590 Hybrid4+

Beachcomber 590 Hybrid4+

20 299,00C$ Prix original
15 999,00C$Prix promotionnel

The 590 is the perfect setting to spend time with those closest to you! With special features such as a loveseat, Verta-sage neck jets and body hugging design, you’re sure to be the life of the party with this hot tub!


Seating Capacity: 7 people and 1 cooling seat

Dimensions: 89 x 89 x 38 inches / 226 x 226 x 97 centimeters

Dry Weight: 715 pounds / 325 kilograms

Filled Weight: 4312 pounds / 1956 kilograms

Water Capacity: 430 US gallons / 1628 Liters


Rapid Ship Colours

Acrylic: Opal

Enivroskirt: Ebony

Heatshield: Steel


*Approximate lead time for Rapid Ship models is 3-6 Weeks.

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