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Balancing Bundle pH, TA, CH & Soft (Online Only)

Balancing Bundle pH, TA, CH & Soft (Online Only)

71,75C$ Prix original
60,99C$Prix promotionnel

Designed for both Chlorine & Bromine based hot tub water, we have combined together the main balancing products in bottles to provide you with bundle savings on your pH increaser and decreaser, alkalinity increaser, calcium hardness increaser and water softner / pH bounce inhibitor). Using these three products combined with your choice of santizier & other weekly treatment products will help maintain your water quality and provide you with the best bather experience.


When you purchase this bundle you save 15% off on the following:


  • pH Plus (600g)
  • pH Minus (800g)
  • Resist (500g)
  • Protect (500g)
  • Soft (900g)


    Sit back, relax and keep worry away with your weekly water care.


    *Always read and follow the labels before use. Always ensure you adjust your water care levels to meet health canada regulations.*


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