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Care Free Tote

Care Free Tote

SKU : 70029

Beachcomber Care Free Tote is a water care program for daily and weekly treatment of your hot tub water. It contains the conditioning, sanitizing and balancing products needed to maintain your hot tub, utilizing Care Free Boost as the primary sanitizer.



For customers with sensitive skin, Beachcomber has developed two products that work together: Care Free & Care Free Boost. With a low chlorine level, Care Free Boost sanitizes your hot tub water and Care Free conditions it. By oxidizing away dead organics, the Beachcomber Care Free formula leaves the water cleaner, maximizes your filter’s performance and maintains a more stable water balance, allowing Care Free Boost to do its job more effectively and use less sanitizer. This system is quick and easy to follow, providing you with amazing water quality and leaving your hot tub water clear, clean, and sparkling.



This kit includes the following products : Care Free 900g, Care Free Boost 900g, Eliminate 500mL, pH Minus 800g, pH plus 600g, Protect 500g, Resist 500g, Soft 900g, Hydro Mop, Test Strips, Filter Savers, Measuring Cup and Judy Essence Fragrance Sample.


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