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Aromatherapy is known to aid in relaxation and stress relief as well as improving the overall sense of well-being. Whether you want to sleep more soundly or increase focus and concentration, we carry a large selection of 100% pure organic essential oils, each one with its own personality and aroma. All of our oils are sourced worldwide through a vast range of professional growers and distillers; all of whom are dedicated to the best methods of cultivation for aromatic plants.

We also stock a variety of synergy blends which combine several single notes, creating an inviting and invigorating environment. 

Our oils aim to enhance your physical and emotional well-being via a chemical-free approach. Through inhalation, the body is able to absorb the aroma into the bloodstream, restoring the body's natural balance, at a much faster rate.

Ultrasonic diffusers produce negative ions which are known to effectively reverse the effects positive ions have on all living beings. The small ceramic disc inside the diffuser vibrates, creating a cool, odourless water vapour similar to that of a waterfall. These negative ions produced bind to dust and allergen particles in the air, making them heavier and dropping them to the ground, purifying and leaving the air feeling refreshed. 

We have a wide selection of ultrasonic diffusers to choose from that will, when paired with an essential oil, offer therapeutic benefits naturally. Not only will running an ultrasonic diffuser improve air quality, diffusing an essential oil will positively effect your state of mind.


  Visit us in-store or check out or online shop to see the variety of essential oils and other natural wellness products we have to offer!

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