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DURATTAN Outdoor Living is the exclusive in-house brand of premium patio products from AquaFire Leisure. We offer you factory direct pricing with the best return on your investment without compromising quality. With almost 30 years of experience in the patio industry, we know what materials are required to last in our harsh Canadian climate and withstand the elements.



Ratana offers an impressive array of unique, timeless design and exceptional quality of indoor and outdoor furniture; ranging from traditional, transitional and contemporary, to cater to any style and setting that truly enhances the satisfaction of home and casual living experiences.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo furniture is designed to North American standards and is handmade by skilled craftsman with the best materials, to provide you with the greatest value your money can buy.

Cabana Coast

CabanaCoast® is a complete line of luxury patio furniture for residential and commercial use. Our outdoor furniture is both contemporary and classic in style, with unexpected, trendy and eye-catching designs.


Agio uses the finest materials designed to give you and your guests years of enjoyment. Agio collections are crafted for you to make the most of your space.


Ebel has all aluminum and weather wicker, is 100% recyclable; and our teak parts are only harvested from sustainable plantations.

Erwin & Sons

Erwin and Sons manufactures a diverse range of premium all-weather furniture.

Plank & Hide

Plank & Hide thrives on designing and manufacturing authentic and beautiful furniture. They manage and support that goal every step of the way.

OW Lee

OW Lee Company uses only the highest-quality materials in the production of their furniture. Carbon steel, galvanized steel, and 6061 alloy aluminum are meticulously chosen for superior strength as well as rust and corrosion resistance.

Adirondack Chairs

 Manufactured from recycled plastic furniture in an effort to divert used plastic away from landfills and limit unnecessary felling of trees.

The Outdoor Greatroom

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ has everything you need to create your dream outdoor room.


At Napoleon we’re not all about grills. Grilling is an outdoor lifestyle, and we have a wide range of outdoor living products to create your own personal oasis right in the backyard.

Other Various Brands

No matter the brand or style let us know what you are looking for and we will try our best to source it out for you at the best price.



St. John Sofa Set
Dreaux Seating Set
Three Sisters Stack Set
Morocco Set
Vienna Fire Table
Bellagio Patio Heaters
Aragon Fire Pit
Barbados Fire Pit With Nesting Bench
Brisbane Fire Pit
Moonlight Fire Pit
Luxor Bar Set
Broome Sectional Set
Geraldton Sectional Set
Colola Beach Sectional
Casa Camino Dining
Ratana Lucia Living
Portfino Round Sectional
Havana Club
Palm Harbour Dining
Ratana Portfino Collection


It may not seem like there is much of difference behind the build and quality of our furniture versus the big box stores, but be assured, there is.

Premium patio products are made out of materials that are more durable and longer-lasting than those found in box stores. Welded and powder coated aluminum that won’t rust, poly resin that won’t stretch, fade or crack and stain resistant fabrics are just some of the qualities consumers look for and can find in a premium product. With premium patio products, you are bringing the indoors outside with specially handcrafted products made for Canadians that will last for the years to come. 



We trust the brands and manufacturers that we represent. All of the patio products we sell are of superior quality that you will want show-off around your home for years to come.


Whether it's for commercial or residential purposes, we want your patio products to last. That is why we aim to provide our customers with products that ensure longevity and will provide them with the best return on their investment.


Think of it this way, you purchase a 4 piece patio set made out of cheap materials for $999 and have it only last you 2 years; that $499 per year you invested into this product now needs replacing…


You could purchase a 4 piece patio set made out of premium materials designed for the Canadian climate for $2499 that last you 10 years. Although it may be more out of pocket to begin with, your return on investment ends up being only $249 over that 10 year period before even needing to consider replacing it.

Premium industry leading warranty and support by the experts.

Our warranty typically is not the basic 1 year manufacture warranty, we have some warranty's that are 5 years plus and some things even lifetime! Since the manufacture or brand is so confident with their product they want to make sure to prove it to the customer and that is why we pass on  this premium perk.

Our support is industry leading, we don't want to leave you high and dry we want to ensure you are looked after that is why nearly everything we sell we back as your local warranty and service center. No more worrying about automated agents or trying to deal with someone that passes you on to the next let us direct you where you need to go for support.



Every product we sell is designed for Canada to last in Canada. We know that our products require premium materials to withstand out harsh climate, we know that our items need to be built or manufactured to hold up to Canadian standards and we always want to be upfront and open with detailed specifications and information to back our products. We have been in the industry for over 25 years and we know the pros and cons of different products and materials so speak with a Home & Patio Expert today to get your questions answered.


We want to be upfront, open and honest with our clients and guide you to the right products that best match your lifestyle and location.

When you are looking for patio products think of these suggestions to ensure you are buying quality products that are designed to last in Canada.

What materials should I look for in Patio Furniture?

Look for high quality poly resins, these typically do not stretch, fade or crack.

Look for ALUMINUM frames that have been welded and powder coated. This is one of the the best quality metal the industry that doesn't rust and it is super light weight to move around the patio. 

Look for Premium quality fabrics such as Sunbrella. These fabrics last longer and withstand the harsh UV rays from the sun.

Look for quick dry and open cell foam, these are stronger, they don't  remain compressed, they dry fast without retaining moisture and they are usually mold and mildew resistant.

Look for PREMIUM warranty & support, this is important as you want to make sure your investment is backed by a good protection plan and someone you can go to when you need assistance.

Items you should look out for are; steel frames that rust and are heavy to move around, PVC resin that breaks and stretches and cracks and fades, cheap cushions made out of sponge like foam that holds water and stinks, rots and grows mold and cheap fabrics that fade from the UV's quick and breakdown fast.

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