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Backcountry Leisure Co. is our new in-house brand of outdoor leisure products. 


Our product line currently includes our exclusive inflatable paddle boards and accessories. They have been designed and manufactured with Canadians in mind all with the flexibility and portability desired by those who enjoy backcountry exploration. 


Each product under the Backcountry Leisure Co. brand includes a one year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. 


Now relax, breathe in the fresh air and explore this beautiful country!

hybrid technology

Add on our optional hybrid kayak backrest that clips on to the top of the SUP and turns your board into a hybrid kayak. Included in the kit is our carbon fibre paddle that is ready to  go for your next adventure. 

crosslock grip pad

Having a good grip pad for traction and control is a must. The grip design helps lock your feet to the board to prevent slips and falls allowing you to gain balance and focus on floating. 

MSL construction

Light weight, enhanced strength & durability, and air tight our Multi Structural Laminate performs with the incorporated drop stitch technology keeping your board in shape for your next adventure. 


The dual action pump, meaning with every push or pull of the handle air is forced out of the barrel, which saves you time and energy when inflating or deflating the SUP. 




We offer 3 brand new designs,

The Alpine is our 12' model, the Aspect is our 11' model and the Alp is our 9'10" model.

All models includes our luxury SUP backpack, the inflatable sup, the dual action pump, the 3pc aluminum paddle, the premium leash, the detachable fin, the repair kit & valve key and is ready to add on our hybrid technology package. 

New for 2021 is our 9'10" model perfect for smaller profiles.

The 11' Aspect model is perfect for a mid sized profile and our 12' Alpine model is designed for someone with a larger build or someone who wants more balance on a larger board.



Superior Boards Deserve Premium Accessories.

Our Backcountry Leisure Co. stand up paddle boards all come with the following:

  • GIZ Dual Action High Pressure SUP Pump.

  • Luxury Padded Backpack.

  • Premium 10' Heavy Duty Leash.

  • 3pc Light Weight Aluminum Paddle.

  • Surface Mounted Bungee Storage System.

  • Large Detachable Stabilizer Fin.

  • Repair Kit With Valve Key.

  • Hybrid Ready SUP Design for our Hybrid Kayak Seat Integration.

extra accessories

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