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Water Testing

Having difficulty balancing your hot tub water?We do FREE basic in-store water testing. Just bring in a water sample and one of our staff members would be happy to test and troubleshoot.


Drain & Fill

Draining and cleaning your hot tub should be done a few  times a year to ensure you are soaking in clean, clear water and to minimize the amount of time and effort spent on keeping your hot tub water fresh and balanced. Call us to book your next drain and fill!


Filter Cleaning

Cleaning your hot tub filter is a vital part of hot tub maintenance and plays a key role in keeping the water safe and clean.  We offer in-store filter cleaning to keep keep maintenance of your hot tub simple.  


We are able to handle just about any repair job when it comes to hot tubs. Our knowledgable service technicians are able to repair almost every make and model on the market (unless parts are proprietary).


Maintenance Packages


Maintaining your hot tub water chemistry requires vigilance. Due to the high temperature and small water volume to bather load ratio, the chemical levels can quickly become unbalanced if left unattended. We offer 3 maintenance package options, with one that will surely fit your needs. 


Hot tub water care can be tricky to maintain. Sometimes you just don't have the time, can't be bothered or have better things to worry about. Leave the mess aside and let us complete your hot tub maintenance for you. We offer three program levels to suite your needs. 


Weekly: Includes a single maintenance visit once per week with basic water care products and a hot tub check with water test for each visit. The weekly program is ideal for people that want little to no responsibility other than shocking the tub after each use. Weekly is our most popular package as the hot tub manufactures recommend weekly water care maintenance and it is great for full time or part time clients. 

Bi-Weekly: Includes a single maintenance visit once every two weeks with basic water care products and a hot tub check with test for each visit. The Bi-Weekly program is ideal for people that want part time help to look after their spa and for weekenders that are not full time residents of the Bow Valley. This program is the minimal visit we recommend and a floating puck dispenser is needed to help keep sanitizer levels in the water at all times to prevent water quality issues. 


Monthly: Includes one maintenance visit per month with basic water care products and a hot tub check with test. The Monthly program is ideal for clients that live out of country and have no guests using their spa. The program is also great for clients whom are not usually on a maintenance program with us and are going on holidays and want their spa taken care of while their gone. This program is our least popular and should typically be used if you want minimal done to the spa and understand water quality issues can arise between visits due to the lack of reccomended weekly maintenance. It is mandatory that clients have a floating puck dispenser to help keep sanitizer levels in the water between visits.


Hot Tub Winterizing 

Hot Tub Start Up, Fill & Balance

Hot Tub Orientation & Spa School

Hot Tub Cover Replacement 

Hot Tub Cover & Cabinet Treatment

Hot Tub Relocation or Disposal

Hot Tub Refinishing 

Hot Tub Tune-Ups

Hot Tub Repairs (for nearly any brand)

Hot Tub Winter Tune Up

Hot Tub Heater Rental Service

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