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Hot Tub Winterization Tips - HOW TO.

Think ahead to winter. Is your hot tub featuring prominently in your plans? While some hot tub owners put their tub to sleep over the winter, these are usually the best months for soaking in it. And if you do a drain and fill in the fall, you’ll have your tub in top shape when winter rolls around. So unless you’re leaving home for a warmer destination, or your hot tub is at a cabin/cottage where you don’t live permanently, read on for steps for winterizing your hot tub to use it year round.

How to Winterize Your Hot Tub

To continue using your hot tub in the winter:

Stock up on sanitizer for the winter and continue to add chemicals as you did in the summer.Keep an eye on your tub water level, as your water can freeze and cause problems with the heater and pumps.Assure the tub maintains its temperature so that the piping doesn’t freeze.Secure the Heatshield cover onto your hot tub

Alternately, if you want to hibernate your hot tub for the winter:

Make sure all electrical components are turned off, including the breaker.Open all jets and control valves before draining the tub.Drain the tub as per normal and remove the plumbing assembly from the jet pump return line and heater inlet. Please consult your Owner’s Guide for details.Blow air into these lines with a Shop Vac, then suck the water out of the tub and from the pumps.Clean and dry the shell.Pour RV anti-freeze into the floor drain and secure the Heatshield cover onto your hot tub.

Protect the heat shield with a cover cap that extends the life of your cover.

Yep it’s that easy! Don’t have time or want less hassle? We offer winterization service for all hot tub models.

Source: Beachcomber Blog.

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