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Disposable Beachcomber Filter (3 Months/Filter)

Disposable Beachcomber Filter (3 Months/Filter)

PriceFrom C$34.95

The new AquaFire Leisure Maintenance Free filter for your Beachcomber Hot Tub.  This filter is used on nearly any Beachcomber Hot Tub that uses the standard Beachcomber 25 sq.ft. Filter.


This filter utilizes a thick filter media to capture the particles and debris inside the filter not just on the outside pleats. Filters down to 1 micron capturing more than most filter cartidges. Virtually maintenance free rinse the filter priodically with fresh water and just dispose of the filter after 90 days and install a new one.


Please avoid using a filter cleaning solution on this product as they are meant to be disposed of after 90 days or when needed. Some communities may offer a recycle program for old filters please check with your local recycle station. Do not use high pressure to rinse these filters. Minor discolouration is normal after normal use.

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