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Purezyme 1L

Purezyme 1L

SKU: 73012

PUREZYME™ is a natural microbial enzyme formulated to eliminate scum, reduce odours, and improve water clarity and sanitizer efficiency by disrupting biofilm formation and accumulation. To be used as part of a preventative weekly program.


Lotions, oils, fats and dirt are released from your pores into the water. These products can cling to the side of the hot tub, often forming a scum line or clogging the filter. The result is cloudy water, poor filtration and odour. Formulated with a natural source of enzymes, 100% biodegradable, Purezyme breaks down these organic contaminants improving your hot tub water clarity and eliminating scum. It also acts as a strong deodorant, removing odour from your hot water. Purezyme keeps your hot tub water clear and sparkling with natural enzymatic action.

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