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303 Fabric Guard - 473mL

303 Fabric Guard - 473mL

SKU: 130616

303 Fabric Guard keeps fabrics fresh, soft, colorful and breathable, while adding a powerful coating to repel water and prevent the most serious of stains. 303 Fabric Guard is the only product recommended by and for Sunbrella, as well as other fabric manufacturers to restore lost water and stain repellency to fabrics. Use it to keep rugs clean, leather interiors fresh and covers blemish-free. You can even spray it on your convertible tops seams to prevent wicking. When applied to clean and dry fabrics, 303 Fabric Guard restores lost water and stain repellency to straight-from-the-factory levels. Keep all your favorite fabrics crisp and clean for years to come.


  • Use only on newly, cleaned, dry fabrics, for best results, treat fabrics in warm weather, of at least 70 or warmer, in a well-ventilated area, spray 303 fabric guard on fabric until damp, overlapping in a crisscross pattern, do not saturate, let dry for 6 to 12 hours in a clean, dry environment before using or storing
  • Safe for all fabrics, including natural fibers and synthetics
  • Use on fabric awnings, RV covers, fabric convertible tops Protects patio cushions/pillows, drapes and umbrellas from
  • Seals seams, repels water, resists soiling, prevents mold and mildew, maintains color fastness
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