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Chlor Discs 2kg

Chlor Discs 2kg

SKU: 70207

CHLOR DISCS™ are stabilized slow dissolving chlorine sanitizer discs that control bacteria and algae in hot tub waters. CHLOR DISCS™ are perfectly suited to fit into the Beachcomber floating disc dispenser.


Beachcomber Chlor Discs are a slow dissolving chlorine tablet, weighing 15 grams / .53 oz each. These discs are designed to fit perfectly into any floating puck dispenser. The constant contact with the water releases chlorine sanitizer 24/7 into your hot tub water, killing bacteria, viruses, algae and pathogens. It also prevents the future growth of these harmful organisms. 

Ensure the floating dispenser is always full and open to the appropriate setting to maintain a chlorine residual. 

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