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Lift & Store Cover Removal System

Lift & Store Cover Removal System

SKU: 99AA002

Beachcomber introduces a convenient way to ‘lift and store’ your hot tub cover easily and quickly, putting it out of the way to make your hot tub use simple. This clever, cantilever design is affixed to the bottom of the hot tub, and slips in at the hinge as the hot tub cover is flipped open. This process makes easy work of lifting the cover out of the way and allows you to get in your hot tub quickly with minimal effort.


Installation of the provided safety change prevents over-extension of the lift process. This anodized steel, tubular design is strong, lightweight and will give long lasting performance for many years. This product requires 24 inches / 61 cm of clear space to allow for proper installation and operation of Lift ‘n Store.


- Quality aluminium tubing
- Removal in 3 easy steps
- Trouble free operation
- Simple assembly
- Safety chain
- Guaranteed 2 years

- Requires 18" of clearance the direction the cover flips off the spa.

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